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San Ramon, Alajuela

San Ramon, Alajuela

San Ramon Overview

The city of San Ramon in Alajuela was founded by European settlers back in the early 1840’s.

They came here looking to establish farms, some of which are still functional. And are dedicated to the cultivation of either coffee or sugar cane, the two top export crops from the area, and the heart of the local economy.

This place is also known as the “town of the poets”, as respected local poets were born in here, including Lisimaco Chavarria and Felix Angel Salas.

San Ramon is now home to 11,000 people and it has a mild weather all year round, mostly due to the altitude of the city (3,500 feet).

Former presidents of the country Jose Figueres Ferrer and Rodrigo Carazo are also natives of this city.

All of the public figures which have been born here or have been residents of the city were responsible for the importance which San Ramon acquired in the social scene of Costa Rica in the early period of the 1900’s.

And it is said that if the coup d’état from 1917 by Federico Tinoco had not taken place, San Ramon could have been turned officially into the eighth province of the country.

There is an interesting story surrounding the name of the city, as it was picked by two prominent figures in the region, both of whom were named Ramon, and who established Saint Raymond as the official patron of the area.

Getting to San Ramon

San Ramon is just 20 minutes from downtown Alajuela and 40 from San Jose.

If you are in the capital, you can take the Pan-American Highway, which leads to Alajuela, and once you have passed the Juan Santamaria Airport, pay attention for the right exit for San Ramon, there’s little chances of getting lost.

There are also daily frequent buses heading here from both San Jose and Alajuela, they are cheap and comfortable enough for the short trip.

What to Do in San Ramon

Although San Ramon is not considered a touristic destination in itself, there are many things which visitors can do while in here, including Horseback Rides, Hikes through beautiful natural locations and Canopying.

You can also take some time to visit the local church, which is one of the emblems of the

San Ramon Church
San Ramon Church

city, and which took more than 25 years to be built after the former old adobe church was destroyed as the result of the earthquake of 1924.The builders took the necessary precautions so the new structure could stand future earthquakes, although the building hasn’t been put to a serious test since 1954 when it was completed.

Visiting neighboring towns is also an outstanding idea while in here, and you can start with Sarchi; a town of artisans located just a few minutes away from San Ramon; where you can pick up fantastic works in high-quality wood and traditional souvenirs.

Including the colorful oxcarts, which are the symbol of this town (make sure to visit the local park and check the giant oxcart).

Zarcero is the second most interesting small town that is located nearby San Ramon, and its main attraction is the topiary works in the park. There are many different figures made of cypress, including animals, an oxcart, and a motorcycle.

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