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Nosara Beach

Nosara Beach, Guanacaste
Nosara Beach, Guanacaste

Nosara Beach Overview

Nosara beach located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Along with Guiones Beach, Ostional Beach and Pelada Beach form the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge; which at the same time is part of the Tempisque Conservation Area).

The tourism industry is the center of the economy in Nosara; with most of its residents dedicated to activities such as restaurants, hospitality, and tours, although there are still some fishermen and farmers around.

Nosara beach is divided into two areas: Bocas de Nosara, which is the town where most people lives and where most services are found, and the American Project, which is the area where most foreigners live and where the big hotels are also located.

For a long time, this area was inhabited by Indians known as the Chorotega, and proof of this are the many Pre-Columbian objects which have been found here, including pieces of clay, jade, and gold.

Many of the tombs where these were found were looted, and now many of those objects belong to private collectors.

Getting to Nosara Beach

The best time to make it to Nosara, Guanacaste,  is during the dry season, between the months of November to April, and the best way to do it is by air.

You can take a domestic flight at either the Tobias Bolaños Airport or the Juan Santamaria Airport, and you can expect a 45-minute long trip.

If you want to make it here by bus from downtown San Jose, you can take an express bus, and it will take you about 6 hours to get to Nosara. Or you can also take a bus to Nicoya and then a second bus from there to Nosara.

If you wish to drive from San Jose, then you need to take the Pan-American Highway and follow the signs for Samara Beach.

There are a crossroads a few miles before you get to that beach, and you’ll need to take the road to the right and follow it for about fourteen miles.

What to Do in Nosara Beach

You will start getting amazed with the natural richness of this area just by taking a stroll across the area since there is a lot of wildlife to appreciate.

And it is likely that you get quickly familiarized with the Howler Monkeys, the Iguanas, the Armadillos, the Raccoons, The Squirrels and the Coatis, all of which are easy to spot in here.

Playa Guiones is recommended for those who are fond of surfing, as this is one of the favorite spots in the Guanacaste coastline for pro surfers due to its consistent breaks.

If you just want to relax under a palm tree and enjoy the scenic beauty, then you should visit Pelada Beach, which has white sand, and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

When the tide is low here, you might also be able to see many Crabs, Sea Urchins, Snails, and Starfishes.

Ostional beach is where you go to watch how hundreds of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles arrive at this place for nesting.

And although these turtles lay their eggs all year, the months between July to December is when the largest number of them comes here. You can ask the place where you are staying to arrange a guided tour for you.

The nightlife in Nosara is not very active, though there are a few places that you can check out, including a couple of sports bars and the Tropicana, the oldest disco in the center of the town.

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