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Tamarindo Beach


Tamarindo Beach , Guanacaste
Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste

Tamarindo Beach Overview

Tamarindo Beach is a popular touristic destination located in the province of Guanacaste, northern pacific of Costa Rica.

This beach town of Guanacaste has a low population of roughly 3500 people, but it can get really crowded during the weekends, especially during summer time.

This beach is a paradise for surfers, either pro or just enthusiasts, as it has different breaks where the waves can be ride according to experience.

The top two breaks for the advanced surfer are the Estero and the Pico Pequeño.

Although Tamarindo Beach is a great surfing spot, it is not the only one in the area.

Other excellent beaches where this sport can be practiced includes Langosta Beach, Playa Grande Beach, Avellanas Beach and Playa Negra Beach.

Back in the seventies, Tamarindo Beach was a peaceful and undeveloped quite small town of fishermen where you could spot the occasional surfer.

but now it has turned into a major hub of tourism and real estate businesses in the province.

Getting to Tamarindo Beach

If you’re driving, it will take you approximately 5 to 6 hours to get to Tamarindo Beach. Coming from San Jose you need to take the Pan-American Highway and make it to Liberia by following the road signs.

Once there, head south and look for the turnoff for Belen, and then west until you see the Huacas crossroads, and from there to Tamarindo Beach.

There are also buses departing from downtown San Jose to this booming beach town every day.

Though if you can afford it and want to make it there in a comfortable and fast way; we recommend you to take a domestic flight, which you can pick at either the Tobias Bolaños or the Juan Santamaria Airports.

A flight to the Tamarindo airstrip can take approximately 45 minutes.

What to Do in Tamarindo

Although you will find that this is a stunning white-sand beach that seems harmless, you should be careful about where you swim in here, as you must avoid the estuary mouth.

Your best bet is to head to the southern end of the beach, in the direction of Langosta.

It is a good idea to rent a bike while in here, as this will give you the chance of going to surrounding beaches.

There are different tour operators which can plan an interesting mountain bike tour or a four-wheel tour for you.

These tour operators also offer a variety of activities for the tourist, including Scuba Diving, Sports Fishing, Horseback Rides and Canopying.

You can also go through town and check the nightlife, which is quite active here, with a lot of Discos, Bars, and Pubs from where to choose from.

Tamarindo Beach also has a good number of varied restaurants, so eating well shouldn’t present a problem.

Turtle nesting observation:

Apart from the exciting activities at Tamarindo Beach, there are more relaxing options for the laidback visitor, such as visiting Playa Grande and watching how leatherback turtles lay their eggs in the sand.

These tours should be programmed, and can only be made between October and February, which is the nesting season for the turtles.

It is also important to notice that these tours are made at night, and no flashlights are allowed since they can disturb the turtles and might prevent them from laying the eggs.

You can arrange a tour at your hotel or if you can’t book it with them, then you can look for one of the licensed guides at Tamarindo Beach.

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