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Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach Overview

Its proximity to the capital of the country, San Jose,  has turned Jaco into the most urbanized community in the region.

And as long as foreigners continue to look for their piece of real estate in paradise; this booming beach town located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica will continue to grow steadily.

Jaco’s offerings are really varied and can fit any budget, from the popular cabins to elegant Hotels located either at downtown Jaco or on an adjacent beach.

The population of Jaco is of about ten thousand inhabitants, though since this is one of the most popular and accessible beaches in the country, the number of people here can increase considerably on a regular basis.


Getting to Jaco Beach

If you are driving, head to Santa Ana (west of San Jose) and make it to the new Pacific Highway; it should take you less than two hours to get to Jaco.

The signs are well marked and will indicate you which roads to take, so there’s little chance of getting lost.

If you are coming on a bus, then go to the Coca-Cola Market located nearby Hospital San Juan de Dios in downtown San Jose. Buses are departing from this place 5 times a day.


What to Do in Jaco Beach

Jaco is a favorite destination for those with an active nightlife. Along with its main strip, you will find many Discos, Clubs, Taverns and Bars.

All of which are always packed during the high season (and every weekend during the low one).

You can also have a lot of fun during the day as there are many tour operators which will arrange all sorts of activities for you.

Including Sports Fishing Trips, Horseback Rides, Sea Kayaking, RTV Tours, Canopying and much more. Your best bet is to ask for any of these tours at your hotel.

As Jaco has turned famous for its beach breaks, it has become a favorite destination amongst surfers from all over the world as it offers the consistency sought by the pros.

Though this is considered a safe beach, it is also famous for sudden dangerous currents, and precaution is advised when swimming there.

So if what you want is to get into the sea, you may want to visit calmer nearby beaches such as Herradura Beach or Esterillos Beach.

Carara National Park

Carara National Park is Located 10 miles to the north of Jaco, here you will have the chance of watching many species of birds, including a large number of Scarlet Macaws. Other animals such as Pacas, Caimans, Coatis and Armadillos can also be occasionally spotted here.

Tarcoles River

Watching Crocodiles at Tarcoles River: Many tour operators offer boat trips to the Tarcoles River where you’ll be able to see these reptiles closely as the guys handling the tours will always bring along meat as bait for the crocs to speed up the pulse of the tourists.

You can also watch the Crocodiles from the Tarcoles Bridge, which you’ll easily spot on your way from San Jose to Jaco as there are always cars parked on the sides.

Bijagual Waterfalls:

Tours are also offered to different waterfalls (including one that is 600 feet tall) located nearby the town of Bijagual, which is located just a few miles from downtown Jaco. A horseback riding tour is recommended when going here.

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