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Montezuma, Puntarenas
Montezuma, Puntarenas

Montezuma Overview

The town of Montezuma, which is located in the province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, is one of the preferred destinations for eco-tourists and backpackers who are looking to get the best natural experience in the country while on a budget.

The difference between Montezuma and other popular beach towns is that this one has a wooded shoreline, which is why is not overdeveloped.

Still, the economy of Montezuma is sustained by the tourism industry, and the center of this town is filled with restaurants, small hotels, and souvenir shops.

Many people with varied lifestyles and from many nationalities are now residents of this town, and this multicultural vibe is one of the reasons why Montezuma is so famous locally and overseas.

Getting to Montezuma

If you are driving, to get to Montezuma you need to take the ferry that goes from the coastal city of Puntarenas to Paquera, and once you have disembarked, it is about an hour-long ride from there.

Now, if you wish you can also take a domestic flight from the Tobias Bolaños Airport in San Jose to the Tambor Airstrip; and from there you can take a taxi to Montezuma (you can also previously arrange with your hotel to pick you up at Tambor).

What to Do in Montezuma

Taking a swim here is an outstanding experience as the color of the water is deep blue, but you also need to be careful as the occasional rough wave can become dangerous.

The best spot for swimming here is in front of a well-known camping area, or you can also choose to walk a few miles and swim at Playa Grande.

When it comes to nightlife, the one in Montezuma is more or less active, with the entire action taking place at different bars located on the main strip of the town.

The Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is located north of Montezuma, and it is the perfect place for spotting a large variety of mammals, including the White Face Monkey and the Howler Monkey, as well as Coatis, White-Tailed Deer, Coyotes and Margays.

The flora is also very rich in the reserve, as there are more than 140 species of trees, so having your camera ready for shots of the natural beauty in here is recommended.


If you want to check something more than just the beach, you can visit the Montezuma waterfalls, which are located south of town.

There is a good hike up the stream to actually make it to the falls, but once there, you will

Montezuma Waterfalls
Montezuma Waterfalls

see that it was worth the walk.

This is a very popular spot among locals due to the natural pools formed by the waterfalls so you can expect it to be crowded (mostly during the weekends).

El Chorro is the name of one more waterfall that is located a bit farther north from Montezuma (about five miles).

It is approximately a two-hour hike across the beach to make it to this waterfall, though if you don’t wish to walk; you can always arrange for a horseback tour. There are also other similar horseback tours to other places from the area, so don’t forget to ask for these.

Here you will also find other adventure options such as Canopying, ATV outings, snorkeling, scuba diving and rafting.

Important Numbers and Websites:

  • Municipalidad: 2642-0238
  • Buses: 2221-7479
  • Cobano Clinic: 2642-0208


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